Spare Parts

Providing a wide range of spare parts from a well established support base of experienced suppliers, your spares and repairs requirements are fully catered for.

Machined components through to full sub-assemblies, and even complete vessels and internals can be supplied.

Many different models and types of coarse strainer internals and media filters are serviced, and spares for a wide range of units can be provided. Call us with your requirements and we will provide a friendly and efficient service.

The nature of seawater, in particular when at an elevated temperature, demands a high quality and specification of materials. A wide variety of materials and service fluids can be offered, including:

  • Carbon Steel Vessels with 316 St St internals
  • Duplex St St Vessels and internals
  • Super Duplex St St vessels and internals
  • Titanium vessels and titanium/super duplex internals

Filtration Media


A wide range of filtration media can be specified and supplied, many from current stock, supported by flow test data and backwash requirements for optimum filtration performance .

  • Anthracite filtration media for dual media filtration vessels
  • Fine Garnet for dual media filtration vessels
  • Coarse Garnet for dual media filtration vessels
  • Grades of sand for mono media applications
  • Nutshell filter media including Black Walnut, English Walnut and Pecan Nut ground shells

Available in 25 kg bags for regular top-ups,  or by the pallet-load for complete vessel replacement.