Process equipment design and supply to the oil and gas industry

Reliable and effective process water treatment technologies

Treating a variety of sources:

  • Seawater

From the North Sea to Newfoundland, West African deepwater and estuarine waters through Middle East to South East Asian locations, this robust and long lasting design and technology continues to operate over many decades.

  • River water

Flowing rivers with high TSS and organic suspended solids present significant challenges that can be continuously overcome with proven designs.

  • Aquifer water

Deep aquifer wells with high mineral particulates can also benefit from predictable and reliable physical strainers that autobackwash to ensure continuous operation with minimal intervention requirements.

Product Technologies

Coarse Strainers
Media Filters
Vacuum Deaerators
Cartridge Filters
Chemical Dosing


Water injection
Enhanced oil recovery
Cooling duty
Water Disposal

Our Design Services

Concept Design and FEED Studies
Detailed System Design
Refurbishment and Enhancements
Debottlenecking and Upgrades

Spares and Maintenance

Spares and Consumables
Refurbishment and Troubleshooting
Commissioning and Installation
Maintenance and Monitoring
Site Investigations and Trials